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Sailor Senshi Seifuku Hoodie

Never running from a real fight!

Be a pretty sailor soldier in this Sailor Moon Seifuku Hoodie! Choose from the different senshi colors. The sailor collar is inspired from Japanese school uniforms with a white strip that wraps around the front to back with a hood attached. The kerchief is removable (use it as a scarf or accessory!), and is held in place with hidden loops. The front zips up with pockets on either side. Made from cotton/polyester with fleece color contrast. Senshi power, make up!

  • Inspired by Sailormoon.
  • Sailor collar.
  • Hood.
  • Removable long kerchief.
  • Kerchief secured in place by hidden loops.
  • Zip up front.
  • Pockets on either side.
  • Cotton/Polyester white base; fleece fabric color contrast.
  • Fleece was used for the collar, cuffs, and kerchief to prevent color bleed onto the white.

Size Chart (Inches, US unisex sizing):

Small Medium Large X-Large
34 - 36 in.
38 - 40 in.
42 - 44 in.
46 - 48 in.
Sleeve Length
25 in.
26 in.
27 in.
28 in.