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Survivalist Shirt

Surviving since the beginning. This shirt was inspired by the Survival Shirt of Final Fantasy XIV. Many screenshots and angles were studied to get every seam and detail accurate to the in game render. The front and back have seams going down the length and opening up to splits at the bottom. The sleeves have embroidered "X"s both sides front and back, with a textured patch sewn on top. This shirt overall has distinctive patterning and stitches to set it a world apart from other adventurer's attires.

Dye-able! Change this shirt color. The shirt is made from cotton and the green details are made from polyester: it will stay green if you dye or "glamour" the shirt into any color with cotton fabric dye. Click here to view the Wintertime Sweater Dye example.

  • Front and back seams open into splits at the hem.
  • Embroidered "X"s at sleeves.
  • Textured patches sewn on sleeves.
  • Distinct patterns and seams.
  • Green polyester details.
  • Shirt base made from cotton.
  • Dye-able! Dye/Glamour it into different colors with cotton fabric dye.

      Size Chart (inches):

      Small Medium Large X-Large 2XL 3XL
      34 - 36
      38 - 40
      42 - 44
      46 - 48
      50 - 52
      54 - 56

      Length measures from front shoulder-meets-collar seam to hem.

      Model (first): @NipahDUBS/@nipahcos