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Bearer Brand Face Tattoo 2pk

Those with the ability to wield magic without a crystal are branded with a distinctive mark. This temporary face tattoo was inspired by Clive Rosfield of Final Fantasy XVI. Two large, decorative blades cross each other and can be positioned from below the eyes to the neck. Apply it easily to the face or body, and remove it just as effortlessly when Imperials are on the approach. Live on your own terms.

  • Includes a pack of 2 tattoos.
  • Inspired by FFXVI.
  • Decorative crossing swords.
  • Large size.
  • Measures about 6 inches top to bottom.
  • Lasts up to 1 to 3 days (depends on water/physical/substance contact).
  • USA-made, non-toxic, hypoallergenic ink.
  • Made in the USA.

How to Apply the Temporary Tattoo:
1.    It is recommended to cut the around the edge of the design down to size so you can see the placement better.
2.    Prepare a wet paper towel or washcloth.
3.    Clean the intended area with soap and water and dry completely. (soap will remove excess oil)
4.    Gently remove the clear protective plastic. Place the temporary tattoo with the design facing down and hold firmly in place.
5.    Press the wet paper towel firmly against the paper back. Do NOT move. Hold it in place for 60 seconds. It can be done in two segments since the tattoo is large, but it's better to do it in one go.
6.    Gently peel off the paper. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Do not touch the tattoo and don't move around or flex too much.
7.    After 10 minutes, the tattoo will feel sticky, that is normal. Gently apply moisturizer on top to hydrate your skin. To reduce the stickiness, dust baby powder or makeup translucent powder on top.

Tattoo FAQs:
How many tattoos do I get in one order?
You will receive two tattoos per order. 
Can I cut around the design to make it smaller?
    Yes, to ensure a good position, cut around the design and apply following the directions above.
How should I apply it?
    Aim for the top points to go under (or directly under) and to the side the left eye and angle it across the cheek and down the neck. Test the location BEFORE removing the clear protective cover. If you'd like the tattoo positioned higher, place it a little higher and the edges of the top points would come up to side of the eye a little. Apply the tattoo and after it has fully dried, carefully rub away the top points to the desired effect. TEST THE LOCATION BEFORE REMOVING THE CLEAR PROTECTIVE COVER.
How long will it last?
    The face tattoo can last 1 to 3 days depending on water, physical, and substance contact, and hygiene preference. Since it's on the face, one may need to wash the face more often or use soap, or to be able to apply facial products. A fan at Anime Expo confirmed at least two days of wear with the tattoo fully intact (with gentle face washing and sleeping on the other side of the face). Another fan fell asleep onto the tattoo side and it was still primarily complete.
How do I remove the temporary tattoo?
    Use baby oil, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol. Soak a cotton ball or square and gently rub in a circular motion. If using rubbing alcohol, be sure to close your eye(s) and hold your breath! The fumes will sting your eyes and can make you choke. Fan at yourself when you need to breathe and keep wiping until the tattoo is fully removed.
Can I wear it with makeup?
    We have had success on applying the tattoo on top of makeup-ed skin, although it's recommended the tattoo be first adhered directly to the skin to last longer and for hygiene. Wash your face with soap then apply the tattoo. Makeup can be applied around the design. If makeup is dabbed too closely to the tattoo, the adhesive edge may become visible. Skillful makeup users can probably blend it seamlessly, but if you're unable to blend the edge, use makeup remover and VERY CAREFULLY and SLOWLY clean the edge. Moisturizer, primer, and sunscreen can be applied on top.
I applied it incorrectly or at the wrong spot. Can I get a new one?
    No, a replacement can not be sent. Please be careful when aligning the temporary tattoo and follow the instructions precisely.
Can I return this temporary tattoo?
    Due to the nature of this product, opened and/or used tattoos can NOT be returned or exchanged.
Where was it made?
    The temporary tattoo was made in the USA, with non-toxic, hypoallergenic ink made in the USA.


Please note:

*Due to the nature of this product, opened and/or used tattoos can NOT be returned or exchanged. If you have any questions, please email for detailed inquiries before purchasing.*

*Allergy warning. The temporary tattoo is applied directly to the skin. Please check beforehand if you have any ink or skin allergies before use. Discontinue use if you experience redness or swelling.*