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About Us


The name SixOn is a play on words: in Japanese, the number 6 is “roku”, pronounced very similarly like “rock”. Hence, “Roku-On” (Rock-On) became SixOn.

SixOn is a California, USA-based, gamer-culture driven company, focusing on video game inspired fashion and merchandise. SixOn's products draw inspiration from game and anime characters to create unique garments and accessories for everyday use and wear.

The Mission

Ever since we were kids we dreamed of being superheroes. We donned capes, masks, used sticks as swords, we were out to save the world. As we grow older, we move from that childhood fantasy, but our resolve to be superhuman never change; we just adapt it differently into our everyday lives like gaming and cosplay. We're all Superman, Cloud, Lara Croft, Goku, Master Chief, in our own way.

SixOn Clothing's mission is to bring nerdy everyday fashion for fans to channel their inner hero into real life.
Be the character that you are already are: brave, strong, and always ready for the next journey!

Seamstress + Designer + Nerd:

Nancy had her start in designing punky/gothy clothing in college before taking cosplay commissions. Eventually it evolved into cosplay hoodies, and finally into cosplay fashion. To Nancy, full-on cosplay costumes shouldn't be only time when one would feel at their creative peak. Her goal is to bring everyday nerdy fashion to fans, to help fans show love of their fandom and be their characters in real life. Express your geeky glory, level up your style!

Hi! I'm Nancy. When I'm not sewing I'm being a total nerd. ^_^b