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Crescent Moon Earrings

A charm imbued with the fervent desire to be by one's side for eternity. These earrings were inspired by the Crescent Moon Charm from Final Fantasy VII Remake. They're made from metal and detailed like in-game with the large crescent shape, recessed indents and raised bumps along the curve, and a dangling chain. Includes two earrings: one for infiltrating a mansion, the other to stay by one's side.

***Please note that some of the earrings may contain black smudges inside the crescent moon recessed indents, this was formed during the manufacturing process for this specific detail.***

  • One matching pair (one left + one right).
  • Large crescent shape.
  • Detailed with recessed indents, raised bumps, dangling chain.
  • Includes rubber stoppers.
  • Lightweight hollowed concave back.
  • Made from metal alloy.
  • Measures about 1 5/8 inches (4.1 cm) across.
  • Optional: add a clip-on attachment for unpierced ears.