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Lionheart Jeans

Call me Leon. These casual cosplay jeans were inspired by Squall Leonhart in Kingdom Hearts. The waist has metal accents and buckles and even has an extra strap to hold all your novelty belts. Three buckles are attached to each leg, with a long zipper down the side. Yes, the zipper does open up all the way! Unzip it as much as you'd like for flare and style, there's fabric underneath to cover the skin. The front pockets sit lower in case of extra belts around the waist. There's also a coin pocket, and back pockets hold potions. Ready to defend your home.

Made from machine washable cotton spandex denim. The jeans are a mens straight fit.

  • Metal accents and buckles on belt loops.
  • Extra strap for additional belts.
  • Fits up to a 2 inch belt.
  • Three buckles on each leg.
  • Long zipper at leg side seams.
  • Leg zippers can be unzipped.
  • Front pockets have a low opening.
  • Coin pocket.
  • Back pockets.
  • Straight fit.
  • Gummiphone is a prop and is not included.
  • Made from cotton spandex denim.
  • Machine washable.

What size should I get?
A good way to check is to measure one of your own well-fitting jeans/pants. Lay it flat, and measure across the waist, inseam and side length top to bottom. Compare it to the chart below and select the size that comes closest.

Previous customers:
5'10 Male, 32/32: Size Small.
6'2 Male, 30/34: Size Medium.

      Size Chart (US Mens, Inches, Straight Fit):

      Waist Hips Waist Flat Inseam Flat Thigh Width Flat Leg Opening Side Length
      32 in.
      36 in.
      16 in.
      30.25 in.
      10.25 in.
      7.5 in.
      40 in.
      34 in.
      38 in.
      17 in.
      30.5 in.
      11 in.
      8 in.
      40.5 in.
      36 in.
      40 in.
      18 in.
      30.75 in.
      11.75 in.
      8.25 in.
      41 in.
      38 in.
      42 in.
      19 in.
      31 in.
      12.25 in.
      8.75 in.
      41.5 in.
      40 in.
      44 in.
      20 in.
      31.25 in.
      13 in.
      9.5 in.
      42 in.
      42 in.
      46 in.
      21 in.
      31.5 in.
      13.75 in.
      9.75 in.
      42.5 in.

      Waist Flat, Inseam, Thigh Flat Width, Leg Opening, and Side Length are measured flat.
      Model in pic is 5'10 Male, 32/32, wearing a size Small.