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Gamer Reusable Shopping Bags

When you're wandering in conventions or the market or in shops, it's a good idea to keep a handy reusable bag on hand. Instead of a plain tote, use a colorful gamer bag inspired by Munny from Kingdom Hearts or the Pokeball from Pokemon.

Bypass long convention lines by using the "No Bag" line: clip on a reusable bag and skip the long bag checks by heading to the much shorter "No Bag" line. Open it up later on when you need it and are already inside.

Each bag measures 21.5 inches from the top of the handle to bottom and 14.5 inches wide; plenty of room for your loot, and tucks into a small pouch into a round munny or monster ball shape. Use the small clasp to conveniently clip it onto pants, clothing, bags, or accessories.

  • Colorful reusable bags.
  • Tucks into a small pouch.
  • Metal clasp attachment.
  • Made from nylon.
  • Bag measures 21.5 inches length, 14.5 inches wide.
  • Ball shape measures about 3.5 inches across.