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Materia Glass Marbles

When you need to summon or cast some magic, have magic orbs ready on hand! These glass marbles are inspired by the materia from Final Fantasy VII. They are beautifully crafted, made from high quality glass with clear transparency (except black) and smooth surface sheen. Use it for cosplay or display.

Comes in 3 sizes: 30mm (about 1.2 inch), 40mm (about 1.6 inch), and 100mm (about 4 inch).

Choose from 7 individual colors (one orb per order) or the full set (7 orbs per order) including: red (summon), green (magic), yellow (command), purple (independent), blue (support), light blue (support), and black (Meteor).

The 100mm do not come in sets, and are HUGE! They weigh nearly 3 lbs, please keep it in mind if using it for cosplay.

  • Glass marbles inspired by materia.
  • Seven colors.
  • Choose from seven individual colors (one per order), or a full set of seven mixed colors (seven per order).
  • Larger than standard marbles.
  • Three sizes: 30mm, 40mm, and 100mm.
  • 100mm sold individually only (weighs nearly 3 lbs).
  • Beautifully crafted.
  • Made from high quality glass.
  • Transparent appearance (except for black).